1. The Book –AtapattuWalawwa - Residencies of the Gooneratne and Dias Abeyesinghe Familes

Too often today the vast reservoir of knowledge that emanates from our glorious 2500 year old history is disregarded and dismissed rendering us mere appendages to Western hegemony. It is to help arrest this potentially ruinous zeitgeist that AtapattuWaluawa was written, through a meticulous exploration of the lifestyles, technologies and above all through an elucidation of the guiding philosophy of our ancestors, lessons immensely relevant for modern times are wrought. The central thesis of the book revolves around – as the name suggests – the historic mansion known as AtapattuWaluawa in Galle and by weaving its narrative through the shrouded mists of time, the book masterfully sheds light on us.

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2. AtapattuWalawwa - Lessons Learnt from Conservation

  .Behind it all is surely an idea so simple, so beautiful , that when we grasp it -in
   a decade, a centuary or a millennium -we will all say to each other, how could it
   have been otherwise?
   John Archibald Wheeler,
   Annals of the New York Academy off Sciences -1986

 Review of the technology, architecture and the aesthetics of Atapattu Walawwa
 and the Lessons Learnt from conservation gives absolute credence to the
 statement of Archibald Wheeler. This simple book is for those interested in
 Architecture and Conservation of Heritage homes of Sri Lanka./ You can now purchase your copy at -BAREFOOT
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 Desheeya Ahara ( Native Recipes), Sariputra, Book on the Trees, Plants and Herbs of the Gardens Of Atapattu Walawwa
 and 21 Letters of Hikkaduwe Sumangala Thero – awaiting Publication
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